Stick with Good People

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week. I was hosting an event for a client to get a super targeted crowd. It was my first time throwing an event in this niche, and it was a ton of work. But we sold out tickets — over 170 RSVPs!

I spent a full two weeks searching for a venue before I found the perfect spot. Then, three days before the event, I got an email from the venue that a pipe had burst and they could no longer host my event there.

My world went dark. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work. How many people was I going to disappoint? How would I ever find another venue a few days before the event?

I started thinking about the apology emails I would send out.

I pulled out the waiter pad I use for taking notes and wrote down the names of all the people who could help or guide me in the right direction. I wrote down 10 or so names and started calling them. Again and again, I explained the situation and received plenty of empathy and advice. The consensus was that the show must go on.

I made two calls within that hour to folks who might be able to host the event. My first call was to my friend and 18x marathon runner Michael Meliniotis, who owns Raise New York (an event bar in NYC that donates 20 percent of its revenue to a nonprofit of your choice). His answer was an immediate yes. I was able to breathe. Unfortunately, his place was a far walk from the current venue, so many people would naturally show up to the previous venue and would have a difficult time getting to the new one.

I kept going. My next call was to Bonnie Zeban, COO of AC Lion. They own a full floor two blocks away from the old venue. The issue there was that nobody in the company was going to be around that night. Bonnie herself was hosting an event at her house and had to leave when our event would start. But she understood my situation and said, I trust you and I’m happy to lend my office out. I’ll rent some chairs and we’ll make it work. I started breathing even better.

The next morning (2 days before the event) I spoke to Nicole Acosta, Community Associate at WeWork. Super last minute she offered a venue which happens to be the largest WeWork in the world and also happens to be a three-minute walk from the previous venue. I realized that it would be less of a hassle to hold it there than to do all the cleaning and set up at AC Lion. So I decided to go with WeWork.

In the end, the event was a success and a life lesson for me. Having all that support during an extraordinarily challenging situation allowed me to calm down, evaluate a few different options and eventually make my way to a fantastic solution. I want to give shoutouts and express my gratitude to all of the deserving people who had my back.


I didn’t get dealt the best hand, but I did get dealt the best people.



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