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10 Fast Growing Slack Communities/hangouts You Should Know About


“Online Geniuses is an Internet Marketing community of like-minded individuals who come together to debate trends, discuss the latest industry topics, network, and learn from each other.”

12 Best Slack Communities for Every Professional


“The great thing about this association is that professionals from every niche are represented: social media marketing, SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), CRO (conversion rate optimization), and so on. That means no matter what online marketing question you have, there are members uniquely qualified to answer it.
The number of companies represented is also impressive. Online Geniuses come from Facebook, GrubHub, Best Buy, Amazon, Macy’s, and Google, just to name a few.”

Slack With Friends, Lovers, And Geeks: How The Hot Workplace App Is Getting Personal


“Slack chats have popped up for interest groups ranging from guitar enthusiasts to suicide survivors to black men in tech and even, naturally, people who moderate Slack communities.”

97 Best Slack Communities for Entrepreneurs


“Top Marketing Slack Chat: Online Geniuses”

20 Slack Communities For Tech Entrepreneurs You Want To Be A Part Of


“Online Geniuses – A Slack community with like-minded individuals who come together to debate trends, discuss the latest industry topics, network, and learn from each other.”

Consumers are using Slack beyond the enterprise, whether the company likes it or not


“Slack Chats currently lists channels dedicated to Game Design / Development, Enterprise Sales, Internet Marketing, Product Management, NYC Tech, Boston Startups, and Female Founders.”

Interview with David Markovich founder of Online Geniuses


“Online Geniuses founder David gives his opinion on what you should know going into 2015.”

9 First-Rate Online Communities on Slack Chat Rooms

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“If you love SEO and digital marketing, this Online Geniuses community of 1400 professionals is like some sort of dream come true. Tips, tricks, advice and camaraderie. What more could you want?”

Facebook Drops Rich Snippets from Search Results

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“The change was noticed on Twitter by New York Internet marketing consultant David Markovich, who pointed it out yesterday.”

The New Mad Men: The Rise Of The Technical Marketer


““The Online Geniuses” uses Slack to chat with each other and regularly holds meetups.The exclusive group’s founder, David Markovich, says that his group regularly receives requests for new members, but he is forced to turn them away.”

The Lead Magnet Bible: 29 Killer Bribes To Grow Your Email List


“Some individuals have taken this a step further and create a Facebook group or private Slack network that subscribers can join. One example of this is the “Online Geniuses” Slack community.”

Google Removes Facebook Rich Snippets From Search Results

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“David Markovich posted on Twitter an example of the Google results that in the past showed Facebook listings with review snippets and now longer.”

Slack Communities are the Future of Networking & These are Our Favorites


Online Geniuses brings focus to modern day marketers and allows them to connect on a highly tactical level. Markovich says, “Modern day agency employees often lack the best practice knowledge required to make real results. The market changes so fast that it’s important to have a sounding board to make sure you’re making the right move.”

How Important are Local Online Reviews?


‘Nearly 100 percent of them will choose a business they find on the first page of search (Just another reason David Markovich always recommends having a company website)’

Brazen NYC squirrel attacks innocent man


“As shown in the clip above, filmed by David Markovich, the city’s squirrels are tainted. Living off a diet of fast food left behind by humans, they’re vicious and daring beasts that have no problem stealing food right off your lap.”

Slack Consultants Are Bringing the Chat App to Corporate America


“Don’t know what Slack is? He can help. The 27-year-old runs ChatOverload, a consulting firm that helps companies modernize team communications using the popular, two-year-old messaging platform. For less tech-savvy (or millennial-savvy) organizations, Markovich holds seminars, builds custom Slackbots, and explains how to “have fun” with group chat.”

The 2016 State of Link Building Survey – Results & Analysis


“Online Geniuses shared the survey out in an email newsletter”

Slack Off


“even a Slack for people who moderate other Slack groups

Here are the 6 international botathon finalists that will present at MobileBeat 2016


“David Markovich, founder of ChatOverload, Slack marketing community Online Geniuses,, and a few other things.”