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The Good, The Bad, and the Best Online Consultant.

What makes the Best Online Consultant?
I have met many people over the past few years who I consider qualified for the best online consultant “award”. I have also met people that pretend to understand consulting. Here are some red flags you should look out for when considering an online consultant:

The consultant that promises you the world. Period. If they were so amazing, they would be doing it themselves. Remember, no one has a “turn-key” solution for every problem.
The consultant that makes too many guarantees. If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.
If they have a hard time explaining what and how they do things, trust me, their advice will be of the same caliber.
Get’s territorial – if you’re doing a good job you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

We’ve heard the bad, but what are the qualities of a good online consultant?

Involved with an online business with vast knowledge of eCommerce.
Has a large network with people. You can’t know everything, but you can know the right people to go to.
Certified in the field, or a field similar to what you’re are interested in.
Listens more than talks.
Asks good questions, and considers the answers heavily before giving answers.
Has a proven and successful track record.
Being able to acknowledge that they may not be the best for you. They offer references to someone better that could help you out.
A team player.

So how does one go about finding the best online consultant?

Find a company you like, not a competitor, and ask them for consulting.
Search forums and blogs see if you find somone you like and reach out to them.
Ask friends in the industry.
LinkedIn. Simply the best networking tool. Also, one of the best tools for finding good and legitimate consultants.