My Clubhouse Room Rules

My rooms are not everyone’s cup of tea. So before joining just read this list and see if this is something you’d like to be a part of.

  1. I’m normally the only mod. That’s because I don’t want to take fault for anyone being moved down, muted, etc. if it’s not done by me.
  2. If the room is over 50, keep your speaking time to 2 minutes max. If the speaker starts a long-winded talk, I’ll interject. Also, please stay on topic.
  3. If you attack anyone in the room or don’t show respect, I’ll interject and may remove you from the room.
  4. I’m constantly checking my DM’s. If you have an issue with the room, DM me on Twitter or IG.
  5. Regardless of your beliefs, everyone will have a chance to speak. 
  6. No spam: Do not push your product or service to the room.
  7. The folks in the speaker box are expected to self-police. If you feel a speaker is guiding the room with questionable information, share your relevant background and jump in. I’m unfamiliar with many topics, so I’m here to learn like most others.
  8. There’s a zero-tolerance policy regarding trolls.
  9. Please be considerate before sharing what’s heard in the room.
  10. Like life, there’s a wide variety of people on CH. If you make anyone feel uncomfortable for being a certain gender, race, class, disability, political party, sexual preference or religion, I see you as ruining the point of this app. It will lead to me blocking, so that you will never be able to see my rooms.

Also, Hi I’m David. Here’s a bit about me.

  • Politics: Moderate Left
  • Religion: I grew up orthodox Jewish but I’m now agnostic 
  • Age: 31 
  • Profession: Tech Entrepreneur 
  • Location: NYC/LA
  • Speaking style: Impromptu 
  • Humor level: 7/10
  • Love language: Words of Affirmation
  • Exercise: Running/Weight Lifting
  • Fun Fact: I was attacked by a squirrel – you can see the video here.

Thanks for reading and have a great day 👋