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How to skip as many Pandora songs as you like.

I am a huge Pandora fan, but when it comes to skipping songs this always get me frustrated since I have music ADD.

Skip as many pandora songs as you like

In the gym this morning I was trying everything until I figured it out:

Create a station that you like (a)…then create a random station (b). Once you run out of skips on station A, go to B, then promptly go back to A and the song will skip. It’s an extra click, but it will do fine. You can do this until you hit a song that you like. Also, if you create two stations that are the same, you can go back and forth — and better luck finding a song that you like!


  • Sherry Wine

    February 13, 02 2013 10:45:33

    Thanks SO much!

    BTW-pretty sure this only works on mobile.

  • Chad J

    February 14, 02 2013 01:32:07

    As a spotify employee I want to say, good work David.

    • admin

      June 30, 06 2013 06:56:07

      Thanks Chad, Spotify is the second runner up for me and mobile music.

  • scott morris

    February 14, 02 2013 02:32:09



    February 16, 02 2013 04:21:20

    Worked. But curious when the patch will come out.

  • notsowell

    June 12, 06 2013 09:04:01

    This no longer works. I have tried to add many stations, clear cache to no avail. sux…until another techead figures this out. I’ll be patient.

    • admin

      June 30, 06 2013 06:54:48

      Yea, pretty sure this still works on mobile – not anymore on PC.

  • noah

    August 19, 08 2016 03:25:43

    so you have run out of skips and you hate the song your on? but your at work and dont have time to fight with it. thats ok. pandora will not play a song if you dont like it. give the current song a thumbs down, pandora will automatically skip the song. once it skips the song, skip back to view the last song and give it a thumbs up. that way it will still play in the future but you dont have to listen to it right now.

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