Internet Marketing Consultant

Why Create a Slack Community?

  That’s a good question. When I launched internet marketing Slack community Online Geniuses in 2015, I had a few thoughts as to why this might be a good idea. Now ...

My Internet Marketing interview with Sales and Orders

Segments 1 – 4 of my interview with Sales and Orders with the awesome Byan Natter and Anthony Capetola. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

What I did on my birthday trip in Vegas.

A small trick I read online its called the sandwich. When checking in to a hotel put a 20 in-between your ID and credit card and politely ask if any upgrades ...

How does crappy design happen?

I was going to write a whole article how crappy design happen till I found this video.                        

What are bitcoins?

There was a recent spotlight on Bitcoins as Edward Snowden allegedly used them as aids in his journey for asylum. Bitcoins are an electric currency that is untraceable and as ...