David Markovich

Runner, builder, connector, mental health advocate,
all while trying to make people laugh.

New York, NY

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David Markovich was born and raised in NYC.  After some time abroad, he’s back and now in Midtown Manhattan. 

David’s main drive is human-focused. He loves people. Whether that means connecting them via email or optimizing a website for Google for people to find, he is always striving to help people find what they want, when they want it.

Previously as a marketing consultant, David worked with governments, venture capitalists, and dozens of companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Google, Keybank and Comedy Central. 

He met quite a few people that he wanted to stay in touch with during his time as a marketing practitioner. So, he formed a small Skype group where people could stay connected. That group quickly grew to around 300 members so he decided to move it to Slack. David threw up a site and one thing led to another and now Online Geniuses is the largest real-time marketing community in the world with over 22,000 vetted members. 


David took his community building expertise and combined it with his passion for mental health and together with his best friend built 18percent. 18percent is a real-time chat for anyone who needs mental health support. This free mental health community has been featured in People Magazine, Good Morning America, NowThis, Entertainment Tonight, and many other outlets. 

With over 1 million messages of support exchanged, 18percent continues to expand and reach those who need mental health support. 


When he’s not writing in 3rd person he’s browsing Reddit.


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