Internet Marketing Consultant



David Markovich

David began his online career at While working at, David was introduced and started working with an SEO software company. They are a major player in the SEO industry, and have prominent clients such as Petco, eBay, 1-800 Flowers. Shortly After, David launched his own internet marketing firm. Which later merged into Hara Partners, where he held the position of VP of business development. Some of his clients there included,, and David’s last job working for someone was at  Voice Media Group. David again went on his own consulting for enterprises and startups across the globe. David is the founder of internet marketing community Online Geniuses, which holds events in over 20 cities, hosts amazing guests and has over 6,000 members in their Slack community.

He’s also behind ChatOverload Slack consultancy, Wilfred a bot to help you chat with your boss anonymously, the  New York Internet Marketers (2000+ members), social media management tool Followed, Slack moderator hangout ModTalk, and a bot to help find missing kids MissingKidsBot.

David is an avid public speaker at universities, meetups and large enterprises.

When he’s not writing in the third person, he’s browsing Reddit.