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What makes a good animation explanatory video?

Animation explanatory video – EXPLAINED (IN TEXT) You have to take note that there are certain factors working at the same time in order to create an animation explanatory video ...

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Best Online Consulting Advice: How to Double ROI from Every Email Campaign

As an online consultant, people constantly ask me about email marketing. They say, “David, sending emails and coming up with creative ad copy takes a lot of time, resources and ...

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Start Up Nation

Israel, a country surrounded by enemies and been under attack since its founding of its own country, is the world’s leading tech nation. There are different theories that explain this ...

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What are bitcoins?

There was a recent spotlight on Bitcoins as Edward Snowden allegedly used them as aids in his journey for asylum. Bitcoins are an electric currency that is untraceable and as ...

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How much is a Facebook Like worth?

The question of “ how much is a Facebook Like worth ” comes up time and again, when we sit down with a client for a Facebook campaign. The client, ...

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How to skip as many Pandora songs as you like.

I am a huge Pandora fan, but when it comes to skipping songs this always get me frustrated since I have music ADD. In the gym this morning I was trying everything ...

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Top 20 Android apps.

  Here is a list of my top 20 android apps. They are in no particular order. This is my opinion and not up for argument. 🙂 1-Evernote My favorite ...

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Market your local business online

How to Market your local business online? Our parents used a Rolodex to store the important numbers they had, and the yellow pages when they needed to find one. Now ...

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